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Ghost and Writing



How many times have you heard someone day, “I don’t believe in Ghost.”


This statement is usually followed by something like, “Well there was that time that caused me to wonder for a moment”.


In my book Deviltry Afoot the townsfolk are battling that sort of skepticism as an evil unseen force is spreading over their city.


One mother will embark on a journey through the unknown seeking justice for her daughters death.


Her nemesis’s committed a horrendous act as a child.  Now in spirit he continues to spread terror.


Can the power of motherly love overcome darker powers?


Does well ultimately conquer evil?


I have always loved to write.  I write everything including daily to do list.


When I was a young child we lived on a farm in the country and playmates were in short supply.


I developed a fertile imagination and played out whole scenarios alone in the fields.



When my cousins came over, all boys, the games changed.  They had no interest in girly ideas.


Writers today are in an opportune time to get their work out there.  Pay on Demand and social media offer a chance at pursuing their goals.


Traditional publishers are looking for know moneymakers for the most part and it is hard for a first book to get attention.  There is a wealth of talent out there and now the means for showcasing talented artist is available.


Through social media you will meet other writers who are finding there way through marketing techniques.  You will meet new friends who help each other with tips and more.


Believe in your work and dig in to the marketing aspect.  You will learn how the publishing industry operates and how best to get the word out about your work.


Some days you will spend a goodly time at it others maybe only five minutes but keep at it.


Dreams do come true!

Thank you, Carol for taking a moment of your time to spend with our readers today!





About the Author:




Carol Pritt lives in the northeast Ohio. She has a large family and enjoys reading, writing, spending time her family and pet. 


She has a Associate Degree in Pre-Professional Journalism and a Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from LorainCountyCommunity College.


Deviltry Afoot is her first book.


You can visit Carol Pritt’s website at


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Deviltry AfootAbout the Book:



A mother’s love is a powerful force of nature.


Tina’s daughter is savagely murdered.  Tina comes to know the police won’t be able to solve the crime because the answers are to be found in the supernatural realm and sets out determined to find answers herself.


Donald chose evil when he was a living being. Brought back to spirit he continues spreading terror.


As Tina explores, others come to know that something outside the norm is at work in Pendale.


Will the power of love bring light overcoming the spreading darkness?


Will Becky be able to rest in peace?


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Deep into an uneasy dream Tina’s face was twisted in consternation.




Dan had not stayed over this evening. She’d told him she needed time to gather strength and come to grips with what lay ahead.


He’d looked hurt. She knew he could not understand her need to be alone at such a time.


He offered to sit up with her all night.


She told him she was wrung out; she would be able to sleep a bit.


She longed to fall into unconsciousness and to block all thought.


Her bedroom felt airless.


The little clock on her nightstand seemed to have a very loud tick tonight. The dials revealed it to be 1:00 pm.


Still asleep Tina shifted her weight to lie on her back.


Her heavy cotton nightgown became bunched up under the small of her back.
Suddenly she brought up her hands folding them over her chest in the position that the dead are laid out.


Beads of sweat broke out on her face, although the temperature in her room was a cool sixty-four degrees.


She was carrying groceries to her car in a dark parking lot.


Behind her there was a small convenience store. It was lit up. The buildings light stopped at the front of the building.


Tina tossed her bag of groceries into the passenger side of the seat. Just as she lifted her leg to get in behind the wheel she thought of her mother. She’d yell up a storm if she could see her now. As a teen Tina was lectured countless times about getting into a car alone. First check out the back seat to make sure no one was lurking there, she could still her mom stress.


Tina sat her leg back down on the pavement. She opened the back door. All clear.


She slid into the front seat closing her door and rolling down her window most of the way.


Glancing out her open window she began to shake all over.


Two hands with long tapered fingers suddenly grasp the window!


As if in slow motion a hooded figure raised itself!


Her door was flung open wide.


It pushed her backward sending her sprawling across the seat.


She was immobile from fear.


The thing lowered itself to her feet.


It covered her with its form inch by inch.


Its dark cloak was spread wide to enfold her completely.


Her heart thumped so hard she felt ready to pass out praying she would.
It was up to her head now.


Tina was so cold it was as if she were entombed within a block of ice


The smell of decay surrounding her was so rank she could not catch a good breath.


The hood slipped back a bit. She could not decipher its features clearly. She could only make out black pinpoint eyes.


Drool oozed from its mouth. A great gob of spittle plunked down on her forehead.


She let out a scream.


She thought she’d cried out, and awoken.


It was actually only phase two.


Still dreaming she thanked the Lord that it was only a nightmare.


Lights flickered from the traffic through her drapes.


Something in the room didn’t feel right.


The sheet was shifting downward of its own accord.


Two hands grasp the foot of the bed as a cloaked figure crawled up and over her!


She surrendered herself up to it.


She was entirely passive until sirens from a passing rescue unit brought her to an actual waking state ending her ordeal.


Rest would elude her the remainder of the night. She sighed and got up from the bed.


First light would signal the start of her greatest trial.


She must commend her only offspring to eternal rest.









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