Say Hello to our New Reviewers!

Today Wendy and April would like to take some time and introduce our two new reviewers! We are so honored and proud to welcome to My Book Addiction Kelly and Sheila. We hope that you will stop by and say “hello” and welcome our newest members, you are welcome to ask them a question but we won’t promise they’ll answer it. And just because we are so excited to have Kelly and Sheila here, we will offer up a couple of books from our book stash, not sure what they will be just yet, but we’ll pick 2 books recently reviewed by My Book Addiction and give them to a lucky commenter, so be sure to comment! (That’s 1 winner)

Now please welcome, Kelly:

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to be joining the review team here on My Book Addiction and More.

My book addiction started when I was in my 20’s and has been going strong ever since. Winter is the best time for me as it is hibernation time. I used to review at a different site but due to family commitments I had to step down.

I love to read mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense and psychological thrillers. Recently I have started reading paranormal and have been intrigued! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone in cyberworld!


And now please welcome Sheila

Author Bio

    Sheila Hendrix is a native of Alabama and resides there with her husband of fifteen years. Her only children are her eight dogs. She works as a nurse for a psychiatric hospital and also does reviews for two magazines, although she hasn’t done that in awhile because she’s been busy writing he own Young Adult Series.

   Sheila has always wanted to write but never thought she’d be able to. It’s been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. She practically raised her little brother because her parents both had to work. She had to grow up fast and that was where she got the idea of writing about two brothers whose parents abandoned them when they were little.

    The Dark Circle book series is her paranormal series she’s working on right now. She got the idea for The Betrayal after having a nightmare that stayed with her for days.

    The Betrayal is the first book in the series and should be coming out by the first of year, 2012. The second book in the series is Head Games and then Darkness Falls. She doesn’t know how many books will be in the series but there will be several.

   Her hobbies are reading, writing, gardening, traveling, hiking, camping and swimming. She is currently in school to earn her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies but her dream is to write.

I hope you will join us in welcoming our two newest reviewers to My Book Addiction and more!


14 Replies to “Say Hello to our New Reviewers!”

  1. Welcome Kelly and Sheila. Looking forward to your reviews. Kelly, do you read Karen Rose? Her romantic thrillers are really good. Andrea Kane is good, too.

  2. Welcome, Kelly and Sheila to My Book Addiction and More. We are so excited to have you guys join us and hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

  3. Thanks for the welcome highlandlove. I'm honored to be here and although the comment was made to Kelly, Karen Rose is one of my favorites! I also love Donna Grant, Sherryln Kenyon, Heather Graham, Nora Roberts, Sherryl Woods, Shannon K. Butcher and these are just a few. Karen Rose, I found because AffairDeCoeure sent me one of her books to review and I was hooked! Now I am in the process of getting all of them.

  4. Hi Sheila and Kelly!
    Welcome to My Book Addiction and More!, hope to see your reviews soon.
    Have fun settling in!

  5. Welcome ladies! I am looking forward to your reviews! I learn a lot from book reviews and they help me to decide which books I want to read. Thanks for the wonderful job you do.

  6. Hi Kelly and Sheila! Nice to get to know you ladies a bit and I am looking forward to your reviews! Also great to see the site expanding 🙂

  7. Hello – I'm glad you have joined Book Addiction. I always wonder how you all can keep up with all the books that come out, read them, review them & still have time for all the other tasks of life. Reading is one of my addictions, so I knew this site was for me.

  8. Welcome Sheila and Kelly. I am looking forward to your wonderful reviews. It was interesting to learn about your background and your love of books.

  9. Welcome Kelly and Sheila. Lovely to have you reviewing books which adds so much to this delightful website. Wishing you all the best of happiness, success and happy reviewing.

  10. Thank you everyone for the welcomes! I actually haven't heard of Karen Rose and now I am going on a mission!

  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I enjoy reviewing books and can't wait to start reviewing them for this site. It's a wonderful place and the administrators and members are the some of the nicest people I've ever met! I can't wait to get to know you all.

    Kelly, Karen Rose is awesome!!!!!!

  12. Welcome Kelly and Sheila! Looking forward to reading your reviews. Kelly, the books you love to read are also the ones I love to read. I agree – Karen Rose writes some dynamite books!

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