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Blank white book w/pathGIVTitle: Secrets of the Alchemist
Author: J.L. Burger
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure
Length: 391 pages
Release Date: April 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0615984827
Imprint: Mythos Press

SYNOPSIS: What are Nora and Tomik to do? They’ve been transported 400 years back in history, and have no clue how to get back home. The members of the Royal Court refuse to let them leave – everyone believes that the children are wizards, come to save their struggling empire.

Well, not quite everyone. The wicked chamberlain wants to toss the children into the castle’s deepest dungeon. The crazed, witch-hunting duke is starting to look at them funny. But worst of all is the emperor’s prized alchemist. He just wants them dead – and has a bag full of sinister tricks to make it happen.

It looks like the only way out of this predicament is to save the empire, after all. But how? Nora will have to come up with some magic of her own, and fast – for his next trick, the scheming alchemist is planning to make the children disappear… forever!




It was at an early age that J.L. Burger discovered the secret to traveling in time. Since then, he has scoured the universe, searching for the deepest mystical knowledge, sowing discord and trouble along the way. He was most recently sighted in ancient Troy, making tasteless jokes about the hole through which the Greeks exited the rear of the Trojan Horse. His most horrific stunt of all, however, was grossly overcooking s’mores in his microwave last summer. Unfortunately, there are some mysteries that are not meant to be solved…

When not traveling in time and space, he resides in New Jersey with his lovely wife, two mostly-charming daughters, and two mostly-smelly dogs. He spends his summers in Europe, inspecting the most recent advances in medieval torture devices.






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Nothing’s More Fun Than Writing Villains! 

*According to Wikipedia, this is what a villain looks like! (see the pic below)*

villian-jl berger

Let’s face it; few things are better than a good villain. Readers need someone to hate, to fear, but at the same time to admire – someone to create conflict. For the writer, the villain is an even better prize: first, you craft a character with deliciously wicked qualities; then, you build him or her up until he seems invincible, teetering on the brink of victory; and finally, BOOM! You get to decide what kind of an ending the rascal deserves, and slap him in the face with it (or reward him with it, as the case may be).
One of the main reasons why Secrets of the Alchemist was fun to write was that it has not just one, but two delectably devious villains. Each is unique in his own way, yet each equally villainous. Creating them and chronicling their evil schemes was a lot of fun.
The Alchemist: Edward Kelley is a master of deception – he’ll mix a potion or summon a spirit that will have you gaping in awe first, and then eating out of his hand. Eager to be the center of attention, he knows how to find easy targets and exploit their gullibility and superstition. This, mixed with his mastery of chemistry and sleight-of-hand, make him a force to be reckoned with.
The Chamberlain: Philip Lang prefers to work behind the scenes. What he suggests to the emperor before breakfast usually becomes the law of the land. Although Lang seldom takes the lead, his invisible hand is unavoidable as he manipulates the members of the Royal Court to get him what he wants – most of all, money!
Of course, every villain has his or her own personality. Here are a few of the common themes that I’ve noticed make good villains fun:
1. We all need someone to hate: The villain must spark some negative emotion in the reader. He doesn’t have to strangle a kitten on the first page (although it can’t hurt!), but the villain must generally strive for goals that we find objectionable.

He is also generally unscrupulous. There’s no time to waste on morality in pursuing his goals. Not to harp on the kitten analogy, but if there’s one in the villain’s way, it’s probably going to get it! These two attributes alone may be what distinguishes the villain from the hero, because…


  1 I should note here that I am referring to novels where the villain is known. The commentary here does not apply to mystery or suspense stories, where the villain may not be known until the end. In such cases, the build-up of villainous characteristics is quite different, remaining veiled in mystery.

2. The villain must be in some way admirable, possibly even likeable: Just because the villain sparks negative emotion doesn’t mean that she cannot also spark positive feelings. In order to be an effective counterpart to the hero, the villain must at the very least be capable, cunning and determined. As both a reader and a writer, I often find myself rooting for the villain at times. It’s not until the villain has really shown her powers that one can see how daunting it will be to defeat her.

3. The villain must show humanity: Maybe not in a comic book, but in general we need to see some of the villain’s weaknesses, some humanity to make him a realistic character. There may be a sad underlying reason why he has chosen his repulsive goals and methods. We might even find ourselves sympathizing with him a bit… just not too much!

4. The villain’s triumphs build suspense: During the course of the novel, the villain must employ his powers to successfully achieve several objectives on the way to reaching his ultimate goal. This builds up conflict and suspense. At some point in the book, things need to be looking very dire for our hero. That, perhaps, is the point at which we stop rooting for the villain.

5. The villain’s end – handle with care: Deciding how our villain gets his nurse villiancomeuppance is a matter not to be taken lightly. First of all, things shouldn’t be too easy. They don’t even need to wrap up perfectly. It all depends on what kind of a feeling you want your reader to end                                             *This is what a REAL villain looks like!*

With all of the above having been said, it’s hard to believe just how many different types of villains there are out there. I guess it’s a testament to the ingenuity of all of us writers that we keep coming up with new stuff!
My favorite villain of all time? Hands down – Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s got the complete package, in an incredibly understated but horrifying way! Who’s your favorite villain?



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Kerr cover

MBA&M: First, let me say, Welcome to MBA&M. Now, please tell our readers a little about yourself?

KJK: First, thank you for inviting me to participate on your blog. I am retired after a successful career in international business. I traveled a lot internationally and lived overseas in Hong Kong and Japan for almost a decade. After retiring, I decided to join the Peace Corps and spent a year in Russia as a PC volunteer. That was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Unfortunately, after one year of a planned two year assignment in Russia, several volunteers, including me, were denied a visa for our second year and had to leave Russia. After many years of retirement, I decided to see if I could write a novel, and “Life of a Double Agent” is the result of that decision.

I live on Hilton Head Island, SC with my wife, Kryl, and our yellow lab, Etta. We have a lovely daughter, Kathryn, who lives and works in Washington D.C.

I love to sail, play golf, and before I began my book project was an avid duplicate bridge player.

MBA&M: What do you think the allure of writing a spy thriller is to readers today?

KJK: I think James Bond and Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan and Mitch Rapp have created a glamorous, exciting image of spies and many men, and possibly women, fantasize about being a spy. The success of spy thriller movies and books shows there is a large audience for spy thrillers today.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration to write “Life of a Double Agent“?

KJK: My time in Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer and the subsequent denial of a visa to stay in the country were the basic inspiration for “Life of a Double Agent”. I combined that inspiration with the idea of a normal businessman also working for the CIA, and added the double agent twist of having his CIA role being a mole working for China’s Ministry of State Security. Maybe it is a little complicated but I thought it might make an interesting read.

MBA&M: What was the most challenging thing or most difficult scene to write in “Life of a Double Agent“?

KJK: The most challenging thing was to weave the businessman activities together with the CIA role and the MSS duties in a smooth flowing story.

MBA&M: In “Life of a Double Agent”, you chose the world of spies, international business and intrigue, why this topic and why Russia as a setting?

KJK: I think it helps when writing a novel to write about something you know. I had lived in Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer so it was easy to fictionalize a story about a PC volunteer living in Russia, who in addition to his volunteer activities also has a CIA mission. The same is true of other parts of the book. I chose to use locations where I had some personal knowledge, and some business experiences that were similar to my own business experiences. The challenge was to weave the familiar places and experiences together with spy activities and intrigue in a way that it all sounds real and believable.

MBA&M: What is your favorite genre to read?

KJK: I enjoy spy thrillers, detective/police stories, medical mysteries, and lawyer stories. Authors like Tom Clancey, Vince Flynn, Jonathan Kellerman, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum to name a few.

MBA&M: Which character in “Life of a Double Agent” do you feel is most like your own character and why?

KJK: Clearly the main character, Jim Hunt, is most like me. His public persona is that of a businessman which is the same as my public persona. He uses his intellect and his negotiating skills in all his activities, whether it is negotiating a business deal or negotiating with kidnappers or negotiating with people in the spy business.

MBA&M: If you could walk into a book, which book, and why?

KJK: I would choose to be the character Jack Ryan in any of Tom Clancey’s early novels where Jack was the lead character. Why? He led an exciting life and saved the world several times. Who wouldn’t want to be Jack Ryan, especially when you know the outcome of the book.

MBA&M: Okay, now if you could have an author write a  book about you, which author would you chose to write your story, and would your story be fact or fiction?

KJK: First, definitely I would want the story to be fiction. I had a fantastic business career and accomplished many things that make me very proud. I had an additional great experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the middle of Siberia, Russia for a year. But my life story is not unique enough to be a best seller. So my conclusion is the story should be fiction. I would choose John Grisham to write a book about me, because he is a great author, develops characters well, and has a huge following for his books.

MBA&M: Now, last but not least. Let’s play a word game,shall we?
Say whatever comes to mind, within reason of course…

Fact or fiction?   Fiction is more fun, done well it feels like fact.
Intrigue or Romance?
  Intrigue, but there is nothing wrong with romantic intrigue, or is it intriguing romance?
Past or Present?
  Present, the past is gone. It is good to learn from the past, but you can’t go back so learn from it and live in the present.
Adventure or Politics?
  Adventure, fact or fiction, adventures can be filled with excitement and intrigue. Politics, unfortunately, have become dirty, negative, and frustrating to those of us who want politicians to find solutions to problems. Continually spending money we don’t have is not a solution to a problem, it is just another problem.

MBA&M: Who is your favorite author of all time, not trying to put you on the spot or anything?

KJK: This is a really hard one. I would like to give you my six favorite of all time, but I try to answer the question asked, not the question I wish were asked, so my answer is Tom Clancey. His research for his books is second to none and his story telling is truly amazing.

MBA&M: What can readers find you doing as your next grand adventure?

KJK: I wish I knew. I am totally focused currently on promoting and selling my first book, “Life of a Double Agent”. If I reach the conclusion that my first book is being well received and is somewhat commercially successful, I would like to write a second book. I have the idea in my head, but I have not yet put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard of my computer.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where they may connect with you and where they may purchase “Life as a Double Agent”?

I am on twitter at @kkerr19963

I have a facebook fan page,

I have a blog at

I have a website, where you can learn about the book, contact me, and purchase a copy of the book in any of the three formats; hardcover, paperback, and all e-book formats.

You can also purchase a copy from and by simply searching for Life of a Double Agent.

 Thank you, Kenneth, for taking a moment of your time to spend with our readers today! We wish you all the best!


About the author:

Kenneth J. Kerr is retired after a successful business career, which included extensive international travel, and living overseas in Hong Kong and Japan for almost a decade. He now lives on Hilton Head Island, SC with his wife, Kryl, and their yellow lab, Etta. They spend the summers at their cottage on Lake Charlevoix, Michigan. Their daughter, Kathryn, lives and works in Washington, D.C.


Kerr coverI’m not a CIA agent, I just play one in my newest novel

Former Peace Corps volunteer releases new action spy thriller

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Follow the thrilling adventures of international CIA agent, Jim Hunt, as he is brought out of retirement to infiltrate the Russian secret city, K-26.

In Life of a Double Agent, by Kenneth J. Kerr, readers get a play-by-play look into the complexity of global conspiracy. This intense story of adventure and danger is enhanced by the interesting settings created from Kerr’s real-life global travel.

In his final mission, retired CIA agent Jim Hunt befriends the daughter of a senior Russian official working at a secret Russian city. He turns the official into a source of intelligence for the CIA. He puts himself in dangerous situations full of international intrigue to ensure the welfare of America.

“I wrote the book because many of my friends thought I was working for the CIA when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Russia,” Kerr says. “It gave me the idea to write a book about a normal business guy who in addition to his business job worked for the CIA.”

This realistic look inside the world of international intrigue and business will leave readers questioning to what extent the main character portrays the author’s own international business career.

For more information, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Xlibris.

Life of a Double Agent

By Kenneth J. Kerr
ISBN: 978-1-4836-0168-7
Available in softcover, hardcover and e-text formats

Sites to buy the book:






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The Mysterious Treasure banner

Join Mike Thomas, author of the young adult adventure novel, The Mysterious Treasure of Jerry Lee Thorton, as he tours the blogosphere August 5 through September 27, 2013 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!



What does a guy do when his best friend starts doing things that are completely out of character? In the case of Luke McAllister, you can’t do anything – until you figure out exactly what it is that is different.

The fact that his best friend is a girl complicates matters a heap. Nothing makes sense when RaeNell Stephens, the girl that has “the best curve ball he’s ever seen”, starts blushing and acting like a durned female. All of this at the beginning of the ‘summer to end all summers’ too. This is the summer that Luke, RaeNell, and their friend Farley Midkiff set out to locate, and cash in on a rogue Civil War soldier’s stolen one million dollar Union payroll.

Undaunted by thousands of scholars and fortune seekers having looked unsuccessfully for the treasure for a hundred years, the three twelve-year-old friends search diligently for themselves. What they find is an adventure that leads them on a spiraling path of discovery.

They discover newness in themselves, their families, and the closeness of a small southern community in the process. Luke wrestles with his morality, ethics, and his slowly emerging awareness of the difference between boys and girls. He also discovers that his late father left him an incredibly large legacy of duty, fidelity and caring for those around him.

The telling of the story takes place in imaginary New Caledonia County, NC in 1966. The deep rural traditions, vernacular, and ways of life of the region and community are portrayed in great detail as the story unfolds.

This is an adventure story, but it is also a story about making good decisions whether you want to or not… It is also a story of relationships. Family and community are underscored, but there is an underlying theme of male/female relationships. It’s really okay for boys and girls to be buddies without always having to be boyfriends and girlfriends. It is also a story about innocence. NOT innocence lost, but innocence maintained.

Purchase at:

barnes and nobleamazon




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Mike Thomas is a southern writer. He grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina where he learned a lot about family, traditions, and the genteel lifestyle most southerners enjoy. The richly eccentric folks of his youth have become his characters in today’s books and stories.

Mike began as a newswriter, editor, columnist, reporter, and speechwriter before switching to the role of Critical Care Registered Nurse. He traveled nearly every corner of the world as a vagabond contract nurse before resettling in North Carolina a few years ago.

He lives with Bobby, his desktop computer, and Rachel his laptop, in Halifax County, NC.

“That’s all I need,” He says, “Just my computers and a bit of focus. Then we can make up worlds we could only have dreamed of last week.”

You can visit him at




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Pump Up Your Book

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Fantasy Adventure / Religious Author…..



MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hi, howdy and yo! I’m C.S.R. Calloway, and I go by Chance (my first initial) and Scissor (which is apparently what my first three initials sound like sounded out). I travel a LOT, being raised on both coasts and traveling outside the U.S. to about fourteen other countries. I dance more than I travel, and I sing more than I dance. Knowing me is a taxing experience.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration for writing “Peculiar,INC”?

This started out as a sixth grade Language Arts project. My friends and I imagined what would happen if we teamed up with Greek gods and they gave us super powers. As time went on and friends moved and changed and I discovered my overused feeling of abandonment, I extended the story, changing characters and developing powers. Then one day, in college, I thought “What if it happened today? Instead of it beginning in the sixth grade, what if it started now?” And the creativity kicked into high gear.

MBA&M: Which was your favorite character to write about and why?

Kim, absolutely. She taught me so much about perception vs. reality. I went to high school with an army of Kims. I grew up with Kims. This book helped me understand them. Several years too late, I might add. Plus her humor is just odd.

MBA&M: How many book will be in
“The Charismatic Chronicles” series?

I’m leaning towards four right now. I have some short story ideas because any universe is potentially endless, but the actual Chronicles are sitting at four right now.

MBA&M: What three words would you use to describe this story?

“exploring” “relatable” “fun”

MBA&M: What scene stands out the most to you and why?

The first time Justus uses his powers in a fight was huge for me, but my absolute favorite scene is the awkward conversation between Kim and her mother Delia in the kitchen. The way Delia goes about having the college prep talk is so awkward and funny, I still laugh when I read it. It shows why Kim’s humor is so unique.

MBA&M: If you could have dinner with any character,real or fiction,who would it be and why?

Athos, the Musketeer. I’m always struck by his intensity, privacy and suppressed emotion. You can infer several of my personal problems with that response.

MBA&M: What do you hope your readers will take away from “Peculiar,INC”?

Golly. That it’s okay to be weird or strange or gifted and to have weird or strange or gifted friends, because everyone’s weird or strange or gifted to somebody else. What is most important is to have purpose.


MBA&M: Now, Chance, please tell our readers where to connect with you and where they may purchase “Peculiar,  INC”?

I’m available day in and day out at, alongside many of the characters from The Charismatic Chronicles. Also tweet me @CSRCStorys and Facebook me at CSR Calloway. Currently you can purchase Peculiar, INC through Amazon and iTunes. Any updates will be posted on the site. Thanks so much for having me!

Thank you,Chance for spending time with us and our readers and for sharing your work with all of us!


A Bit about the author:

C.S.R. “Scissor” Calloway was born in Sacramento, California, and since has been to forty-eight states and thirteen countries. He graduated high school in Brunswick, GA, the setting of his series The Charismatic Chronicles. He currently lives on the Pacific coast, where he spends his time at the gym or at his keyboard, constantly redefining his worlds. His favorite book is Gordon Korman’s The Twinkie Squad.


  • Publisher: CSRC Storytelling; 1 edition (April 9, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0989169812
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989169813

A bit about the book: *From the author*

Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Religious
Series Title: The Charismatic Chronicles
Blurb: Kim Hamilton’s life is perfect. The daughter in a family that should be put on a church fan, graduating from Wilbanks Academy with honors, and heading to Clark Atlanta on a full scholarship… So what is she missing?


Kim Hamilton’s life is boring. Until she dies – then things get interesting. There happens to be a supernatural war going on, and Kim finds herself and a few of her friends drafted. Can she discover the purpose of her changed existence in time to protect herself and those around her? Find out as life after graduation gets that much more peculiar…




(Sponsored by the author)
Thanks to the author, we are offering  a print copy of PECULIAR,INC., as well as a Wilbanks Academy T-shirt! Sorry, giveaway open to US and Canada residents only for print. If you prefer digital copy is also available. Giveaway will run from July 24 until July 30,2013.




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Genre: Children’s books (ages 4-8 years)


Series: Fujimini Adventures Series #6


  • Age Range: 4 – 8 years
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Once Kids, LLC (March 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1467517496
  • ISBN-13: 978-1467517492


Book Description(Amazon)


Publication Date: February 7, 2013


Today most of the pandas are preparing for the New Year’s celebration. They are sweeping and cleaning, planting flowers and writing wishes on ribbons. But Rainbow Panda really wants to be a hero and has an explosive plan. Can Rainbow Panda convince others to join him? Will he become a hero or just get everyone in a lot of trouble?




The Economics of Change

Mac Fallows
Some economic models just don’t work. Lots of products that make sense for the consumerare derailed by the associated costs- the cost of production, the cost of delivery, even the cost of building awareness- in which case, the product simply never gets made. But sometimes, when demand is sufficient, the broken economics can actually lead to a change in the way things are done.
As it turns out, there was sufficient demand for books that didn’t make economic sense for traditional publishers and agents to spark a change in the publishing industry, for example. New genres and art forms, not to mention new voices, have found ways around the upside down economics of the traditional publishing world to the reader.  These days, more and more authorsare shouldering the risk and reaping the rewards without the usual business partners. And perhaps even more importantly, they’re evolving their art form much more quickly than traditional publishing ever could- or even wanted to.
Musical stories are just one example of a genre that traditional publishers have been unable to seriously consider, given the economics, and would likely never develop on their own. Publishers have long since acknowledged that interest for a musical book by J.K Rowling and Adele, for example, would no doubt be sky high; however, on the whole, the risk attached to such a book would outweigh the potential rewards. Traditional publishers don’t know anything about music, and there are a lot more costs involved in producing a musical book than there are producing the regular kind. Add to the mix that we’re talking about a market that is completely unproven and you end up with a genre that will never see the light of day… unless artists themselves develop it.
Fortunately for the reading public, that’s exactly what’s happening in this case- and many others. Where this takes us is anybody’s guess but one thing is for sure: readers are going to play more of a role than ever before in the evolution of the book industry.
And that’s a good thing.

About the Author:


Reclusive writer and composer Mac Fallows first began pitching the idea of a musical book for teens and adults to music and book publishers in the late eighties. But without the technology to support his vision, he didn’t get far.


So instead, he set out to travel the world in search of new challenges . . . and stories. He went on to write and produce over 100 songs in a dozen languages in places including Dakar, Mumbai, Prague, and Santiago for singers including Youssou N’dour, Shankar Mahadevan, Pape and Cheikh, and Kavita Krishnamoorthy.



Wondertown is the first true musical story he’s published. It includes a full-length fantasy novel, 12 related songs and 17 illustrations.


Visit his website at


App. 300 Pages

Wondertown is a full-length fantasy novel from Mac Fallows that includes twelve original songs-each one an extension of the story sung by the characters themselves- and seventeen illustrations from acclaimed illustrator, Emrah Elmasli.

The story centres around Neil Abbott, an undersized, introverted eleven-year old boy with the ability to tell about people by touching their possessions. He doesn’t fit in either at home or at school and rarely speaks to anyone, with the exception of his grandmother, who has a secret talent of her own.

One day, after a particularly difficult week, Neil asks his grandmother if she thinks he’s normal, and she responds by telling him the remarkable story of an unlikely hero, who long ago crossed the five parts of the world to free his only friend from a demon lord. Filled with hidden meaning, vivid images, and songs that bring the characters to life, Wondertown is an unforgettable journey to a place inside each of us few of us dare to go.

  • File Size: 2391 KB
  • Print Length: 296 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: The Musical Press (August 31, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0094UT68Y


Check out Pump Up Your Book for more information on the tour:


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