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MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into the mind and life of Amanda McIntyre? 

Seriously, you really want to go there? <g> I’ve been called an artist, whimsical, twisted (perhaps the same) eclectic, mysterious, a squirrel, a believer in potential and possibility, mom, daughter, insightful, talented, crazy, friendly, loyal, trustworthy, funny, smart and insightful. I live a crazy busy life with four older children, one newly married, twins in college and my only daughter, bless her heart is a Middle School teacher( we call her a saint) I am a pure rural Midwestern girl at heart and will proudly testify that we, in fact, have the most beautiful sunsets in all to the country. I believe that Fine Arts education in our schools is not a luxury, but a necessity. My Art teacher was the key encouraging me about my creativity. If I wasn’t writing, chances are good that I’d be an eccentric painter with a huge studio somewhere! As it is, for now, I like to say that I paint pictures with words! <G>


MBA&M:  What was the inspiration behind writing “Fallen Angel”?FallenAngel

This is the second book in my time travel series, Tales of the Sweet Magnolia and I am working on a third. As with all the books in the series, the tag line reads; TO FIND TRUE LOVE, YOU’VE ONLY TO TRAVE THROUGH TIME. However, I wanted so take time-travel to the next level, and so combined it with a strange mystery man who seems to pop up in in people’s lives to encourage them to look inside their heart.

In the first book, Wild & Unruly, I have a lonely modern day librarian go back in time to the old west, where she becomes the head madam of the Sweet Magnolia bordello. In book two, one of her girls, Angel pines after the romance between Lil and the town Sheriff and when she hears the music by a man named Billy Joel that Miss Lilly plays on the piano, she decides that she must find him, this “Billy” who writes amazing love songs to women. To get closer to him she follows her heart and ends up taking piano lessons from a traveling piano teacher who encourages her to follow her heart, her dreams, her deepest desires. As she is plays, the music whisks her away to where her desires and the music meet—in the nosebleed section of a Billy Joel concert!  But her journey has only just begun!! <g>


MBA&M:  What do you feel the allure of a hot, time-travel romance novel is for readers?

I think it’s the allure of the ‘what if’ and the unknown. Plus, I’m a Dr. Who a and Torchwood fan. But listen to what I ran across when I was doing research on time-travel…it’s true that we don’t know if time-travel exists. But the truth of the matter is that it’s NEVER been DISPROVEN! Which theoretically means that until it is, then the possibility that it DOES exist remains! That seems so cool to me! But it may be my “geek” side showing!

MBA&M: How hard is it to write hot,sexy,sensual scenes,if you don’t mind telling our readers, and where do you draw your inspiration from, experience or imagination?

My experience in writing for Harlequin Spice has made it a great deal easier to realize that hot and steamy is fun to write. There is definitely pacing involved and it has to be realistic to the story and true to your characters. I love the journey of seduction, to me that’s what is/can be as sexy as the actual sex scenes themselves. Let’s face, after a certain point it’s pretty much automatic…but it’s the getting there that’s the fun part –to write, of course!<g> My inspiration? I create a wall of “inspiration “for every book—pictures of people, settings, locales, architecture.

Now, given all of this, are you asking if I put my husband through all the things I write in order to see if they work? No. I’m a fiction writer, folks. I write from imagination. I hope that most authors do. It would certainly be problematic for those that write mystery or thrillers !<g>


MBA&M: What scene stands out the most to you in “Fallen Angel” and why?

There are at least three in this book. One is when Angel tears up one of  Shado’s best workout shirts into strips to make a rag rug, one is when she teaches him how to eat maple syrup on snow, and a snowball fight ensues, , and another is when he finally breaks down and releases the demons of guilt and pain that he’s been carrying around for some time. There are some great steamy stuff too, but you’ll have to read the book! LOL

MBA&M: Which character is your favorite in “Fallen Angel” and why?

Probably Shado Jackson , whom I picture looking like Channing Tatum—that in itself explains a lot—but I am drawn to the tormented hero in stories. I don’t know why, maybe I just like the journey of being him saved by the right kind of woman. Angel was unexpected and it turned his self-imposed emotional prison upside down.


MBA&M: How many books will be in the “Tales of the Sweet Magnolia series” and what is next? There are currently two, and I am plotting a third. There are so many possible scenarios for this series!


MBA&M: Last but not least, please tell our readers where they can get in touch with you and where to purchase “Fallen Angel”?

You can purchase Fallen Angel at: (or Wild & Unruly!) at:wildandunruly


*link http://www.amazon.com/Fallen-Angel-Tales-Magnolia-ebook/dp/B00AB68GCC

Barnes & Noble

*link http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fallen-angel-amanda-mcintyre/1113840032?ean=9781613333525

All Romance eBooks

*link https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-fallenangel-1006884-141.html

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Thank you for having me at My Book Addiction! It’s been a blast!


Thank you, Amanda, for spending time with us and our readers today!

I would travel to either the Georgian,Victorian or Regency era. I love the simplicity of this era,although, tough eras,seems more relaxed than today. I know you only asked for a era,but I love historicals including Westerns.

Thank you again, what a delight to have you, please come again.





Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: November 21, 2012
A hunger gnaws at Angel Marie Sutter to find the man behind the soulful music she heard played on the piano at the Sweet Magnolia. Following her heart, desire takes her on a fantastic journey. When she becomes a witness to murder, she finds herself under the forced protection of a scarred detective. Her gentle healing brings the past to his present in timeless passion, but will she be able to hold onto this precious gift, or will a killer take it all away?

Shado Jackson is a lone wolf undercover cop carrying guilt over the death of his brother. When a mysterious, beautiful woman becomes eyewitness to a murder, his job is to protect, not fall in love. But when his brother’s killer again threatens to take what’s precious from him, Shado must find him before time runs out.

(Sponsored by the author)
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Thank you for spending time with us and our delightful guest!

A Feature with author Joan Swan and giveaway! (Debut Author of the Month)

Here at My Book Addiction we are going to try something new. We are going to try to feature a “Debut” author each month. This month, well today was to be Lisa Renee Jones’ day(she’s not a debut author but was set to be our guest) and Lisa is such a fan of Joan Swan that she asked to give her day to Joan. So began our new feature. So please set back and enjoy and welcome author Joan Swan.

FEVER (Book 1 of the Phoenix Rising Series)
Releases February 28, 2012 from Kensington Brava

By Joan Swan

Available for preorder now!
Amazon| Barnes & Noble | Booksamillion

read an excerpt here


Firefighter TEAGUE CREEK is not the man he used to be. Six years ago while on a routine call, a warehouse explosion left him with burns over eighty percent of his body. When he awoke in a hospital, his injuries had miraculously healed, leaving him with the burning question: what really happened in that warehouse?  Subsequent events added to his suspicions: forced separation from his engine company, interrogation by mysterious military personnel, restricted visitation with his wife and, ultimately, her suicide.

But the bizarre circumstances didn’t end there.  Two years after his wife’s death, he has been convicted of murdering the first woman he dated since, incarcerated at San Quentin State Penitentiary and denied an appeal.  He’s lost the daughter he lived for, Kat, and the career as a firefighter he loved.  Believing the original warehouse fire is somehow linked to everything that’s happened since, Teague gives up on the system.  Instead of fighting an invisible enemy, he scrapes together a plan to escape prison, reclaim Kat and flee to South America.

Doctor ALYSSA FOSTERis only two weeks away from attaining her loftiest goal to date: securing an attending radiologist position at one of the finest hospitals in the country.  Her success means status, respect and proving her worth to her family.  But Alyssa’s future is forever altered when she is abducted by one of her forensic patients, Teague Creek.  Early on Alyssa realizes this is no ordinary man.  He has a strange ability to create heat within his body, which he uses to both hurt and heal.

It doesn’t take Teague long to figure out he’s grabbed the wrong woman.  Instead of a bargaining chip to use in exchange for Kat, he’s saddled with a witness. And she’s picked up on his developing pyrokenetic abilities.  As the two reluctantly grow closer and she eventually believes his story, a bond emerges between them. And that bond only strengthens as Alyssa helps Teague both embrace his powers and demystify their origin. During their trek across California to find Kat, they both find themselves attracted to each other in ways neither of them expected. But that attraction may just get them both killed. Because this isn’t about a missing little girl anymore. Someone wants Teague gone. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of him.

Preorder now!

*All information was taken from the author’s website*

For more information on Joan and this awesome series please visit Joan’s website at: http://joanswan.com/index.htm

*Now for the Giveaway*

If you’d like to win 1 copy of Lisa Renee Jones’ VAMPIRE WARDENS COLLECTION, this is a single book with all 3 titles, HOT VAMPIRE KISS, HOT VAMPIRE SEDUCTION and HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH. This is ebook format only! And a second winner will receive a $5 Gift Card to Amazon. In order to win you must follow this blog and you must tell me what about Ms. Swan‘s blurb most appeals to you? Is there something you’d like the blurb to say that it doesn’t? Is there too much information in the blurb? And give me your thoughts on that great cover, personally I LOVE it.


A visit with Collen Coble and giveaway *Cancer Week cont.*

Today it is with great honor I welcome an author I have loved for years, she is a dear friend, a great author, and a woman I admire. So please join me in welcoming Colleen Coble to My Book Addiction.

Smitten Cover

Friendship is something we often take for granted. But we shouldn’t. It’s a rare gift from God Himself that needs to be treasured and nurtured.

One of the “girls” from our Girls Write Out blog, Diann Hunt, has been fighting ovarian cancer. She’s one of those friends we should all be so lucky to have. Di prays for me at the slightest problem, even though the battle she’s facing is so arduous. She is working on Secretly Smitten between bouts of nausea. Now that’s dedication! The book is a collaboration and she doesn’t want to let us down. When my Dave was diagnosed with prostrate cancer about the same time she found out she was facing another round of chemo, she cried for me, not for herself. And she’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. Just talking to her on the phone lifts my spirits and has me laughing. She has the funniest things happen to her. She is as close as the closest sister and our hearts are knit together in a very mystical way I don’t even fully understand. Only God can bring friends like that into our lives. J

She’s on a mission (and us with her!) to inform women about the need to early detection of ovarian cancer. Get a CA-125 as a baseline the next time you get a pap test. Monitor it yearly. Pay attention to any bloating you might get or pain. The symptoms can be vague. http://www.ovariancancer.org/about-ovarian-cancer/symptoms/ So I’ve made sure my girls are getting theirs checked. You do the same and make me and Di happy! J

Smitten Cover

Di has been doing just a bit better. I called her today to suggest we all get together and sing a Smitten song in honor of the new book coming soon from the four of us: Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter and me. Isn’t this the best cover ever? It’s like you’re about to step into a Disney movie. And I think you’re going to love reading it. We all wrote our own personalities into our characters, and our own friendship is closely interwoven into the book. Let us know what you think! It ships in December.

So get out there and get your CA-125 checked! And pray for our Di.

Colleen pub photo 2011smallColleen Coble, author of Lonestar Angel, shipping to stores right now.

You can find Colleen at her website, on twitter, and on facebook.

*Thank you Colleen for being our guest today, and we certainly will keep praying for Di, I’m so glad she’s doing better. She is a remarkable woman, as are you. Now readers because this post is part of my “cancer week” if you comment you will get a chance to win a “goodie bag”, again this bag will have a book, maybe 2(depends on what I have), some bath and body products, a tote that reads “fight like a girl”, a notepad (very cute with a pig on it) as well an ebook copy of ENTANGLED. Now because this is Colleen, I am also going to throw in a copy of SMITTEN as soon as it’s available(December or there abouts). So be sure to comment, and as Colleen says please please know the warning signs and be sure to follow Di’s advice get a CA-125! As before this giveaway is open to everyone. Good Luck!*