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Amanda Cashure
Series: Ned Kelly Book 1
Genre: Historical re-imagined, Dystopian, Australian, Erotica, 21+
Publisher: Sparkle Publications
Publication Date: May 31, 2018
Ned Kelly with Sex and Magic
“Taking an Australian Legend and rewriting it into an apocalyptic future where magic exists, gold fever is upon us, and a corrupt legal system once again makes bushrangers our heroes,” Lancy’s Reads.
Ned Kelly’s story is infamous, but this is not Ned Kelly’s story. This is the story of a young man named Kelly, inspired by some crazy Australian legends, but all written as pure fiction.
With the addition of Victoria, a feisty and suddenly abandoned woman right on the verge of marry-or-perish age. Her fate is all Kelly’s fault and she plans on making him aware of that – winds up saving his life, after he saves hers, and the whole time whilst running from the law.
The world has been hit by an event that has turned all metal into a conductor of magic. The stuff is lethal. Which means no more cars, no more phones, no more pots and pans. Give it a few decades and the dust has settled into a colonial/settler landscape. Horses, carts, and old world values.
Marriage is essential, careers for women are very uncommon and the domestic workload is massive. But a woodcutters daughter like Victoria doesn’t have many options. She hates them all and dreads the conversation with her parents, but resigns herself to suffer in silence. She will marry whomever her father arranges.
Which just might be the local law, who has the darkest most painful fantasies about her.
Then her father makes the mistake of offending a handful of outlaws on the way out of town and the men follow the family home. They forcefully join the family for dinner, changing Victoria’s life forever when she emerges from her room the next morning having slept the night with a convict. Never mind that she did it to take their attention off her younger sisters, or that her father created the whole mess by saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, Victoria is ostracised. Tossed out then and there. Barefoot and with nothing but an old woodcutter’s hand-me-down dress – and dresses are damned useless for running around in the bush in.
She would be free of her marriage dilemmas, small consolation, if the local law didn’t take up the hunt and put a price on all of their heads. Being found by him would be an endless fate worse than death.
Which begins the whole saga of trouble, villainy, brutality, lust, revenge, mateship and good old Australian larrikiny.
“Hilarious and dark,” Samantha’s Book Reviews.
18+ warning… maybe even 21+. This book takes readers to some dark scenes, including rape.


Kelly and Victoria meet and it unfolds like this from Victoria’s point of view…
“I’ll tell you what, if you can manage to say my name, then I’ll stop,” he whispers.
Sitting up, he looks me in the eye.
“You know what my name is, don’t you?”
I nod, my heart pounding so hard it’s stopping my lungs from functioning.
“Then say it,” he commands.
I slip my bottom lip between my teeth and hold it tight.
“No?” He smiles, lowering his face down to mine, our foreheads touching. “Last chance.”
…Which leads to this later in the book from Kelly’s point of view…
“It’s because of you that my father threw me from the house and—”
I shush her, resting my arm against the wall, and using all my willpower to keep from resting against her soft body.
“You didn’t ask me to stop,” I say.
“You tied me up!”
“Your mouth worked fine.”
“You… You… ”
“I… I… left you still dressed and unharmed. More than I should have.”
Her lips part, flashing perfect white teeth. Then she rushes past me. “I think I shall wait with the horse.”
And I’m left wishing I’d grabbed her arm and kept her against the wall.

About Amanda Cashure

Amanda Cashure is the pen name of otherwise Childrens and Young Adults author Cassandra Webb… ‘but the persona of Amanda is far wilder than I could ever be!’

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COVER REVEAL~ JADE WEST~DIRTY BAD SAVAGE~ …with #Teaser… **Mature content, 18+ only**




They say Callum
Jackson’s a savage.
No home. No prospects.
No self-restraint.
He’s red-flagged on my
system, a grade-1 aggression risk, totally off limits for a woman like me.
But the rules don’t
allow for my dangerous games; they don’t bend for my twisted desires.
Callum Jackson is the
most beautiful beast.
A beast I can’t stop
thinking about, can’t stop wanting, can’t stop hunting…
…I just pray to God
this beast bites.
Sophia Harding runs a tight ship. She may work in the dregs
of housing association slums, but her patch is on the way up.
Anti-social behaviour is down, employment is on the rise,
and she’s even been shortlisted for estate manager of the year.
It’s looking good. Really good. Until Callum Jackson
completes his jail time and lands right back on her doorstep. 
She could do without a guy like him on her books: a failure
of the system and a pain in the F***ing ass.
She should tick
the boxes, do her job and keep her distance – that’s what the handbook says.
The handbook says no one-on-one
contact, no at-risk situations, no direct confrontation of any kind.
But the handbook doesn’t know of her craving for hardcore
The handbook has no f**king idea how she yearns to unleash
Jackson at club Explicit, where his savage can really run wild.
The handbook doesn’t know s**t…


Jade West is a contemporary erotic author from Warwick in the UK, due to release her debut BDSM novel, Dirty Bad Wrong, in February 2015. Jade is a real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. She has a healthy interest in pornography, men in suits and taking 100 strokes with a cane ‘Mood Pictures’ style.





MASTERING THE MARQUESS~ LAVENIA KENT~ *Historical Erotica Romance*with review…*Intended for mature audiences, 18+ please*

Mastering the Marquess - Blog Tour Banner FINALMastering the Marquess


{Bound and Determined, #1}

[ Regency Erotica Historical Romance]


One night of fierce passion and unbound pleasure leaves two strangers craving much more in Lavinia Kent’s sumptuous novel of sensual discovery.

The time has come for the widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, to move on, but she refuses to remarry at the cost of shaming her late husband’s memory. Their six years together were wedded bliss—even if a war injury prevented him from fulfilling his marital duties. Only one woman can help Louisa: Madame Rouge, the discreet proprietress of a club where London’s elite explore their wildest fantasies.

Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston, has no intention of agreeing to deflower an anonymous virgin. But when Madame Rouge tempts him with the absolute power he’ll have over a woman who knows nothing of carnal delights, he’s intrigued. Control is the one thing he cannot resist—and control is what he loses during his night with the blindfolded beauty. He longs to take her further, to leave his mark upon her perfect behind, but the mystery woman refuses to see him again. Instead Geoffrey reluctantly agrees to take a wife, the widow of his dear friend, Lord Brookingston—fating them both to a wicked surprise.

Mastering the Marquess is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


  • Print Length: 395 pages
  • Publisher: Loveswept (July 29, 2014)
  • Sold by: Random House LLC
  • Language: English







About the author…

Lavinia Kent never knew that most people don’t make up stories in their heads to pass the time. She still has a hard time understanding how those who don’t survive the doctor’s waiting room or a grocery store line without another world to escape into.

As the mother of three, Lavinia finds “leisure time” to be ever-elusive, but when she is not reading romance novels, she watches far too much HBO and reality television. It must also be noted that she has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Buffy and the new Doctor Who.




Twitter: @LaviniaKent




Mastering The Marquess (Bound And Determined, #1)MY THOUGHTS:

MASTERING THE MARQUESS by Lavenia Kent is an interesting Regency Erotica Historical Romance. “Bound and Determined” #1 and what a beginning!

With BDSM, determination, hot, steamy sex, romance and so much more, you can’t go wrong if you enjoy lots of spice with your sensuality.

From a bride, to a virgin widow, Louisa, Lady Brookingston is determined to lose her virginity once and for all without lessening her beloved husband’s name. You see he was a war hero, who could no longer perform is husbandry duties. So off to a Madame she goes, yes a madame, Ruby, Madame Rouge, to be exact, a discreet proprietress of a London Gentleman’s club, where she can explore and lose her virginity. What’s the likely hood, during this era?? Well, apparently, it happens more than you might image…imagination is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Enter, Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston, who has his own proclivities, but deflowering an anonymous virgin, he’s not so sure about. Until….Louisa is his temptation and his desire.

An interesting, tale of sensuality with BDSM, determination, romance and the finding of love, with a few surprises along the way. An unusual read to say the least, but an enjoyable read. Please be forewarned, hot, dark, steamy, sex, and did I mention, arousing, and extremely hot! Yes, if you enjoy a mixture of erotic, Regency, romance, and extremely hot sex scenes, and BDSM, than MASTERING THE MARQUESS is right up your ally. An enjoyable read and one I would highly recommend to any historical readers, erotic readers, and romance in general, who enjoy a mix of erotic with their dose of Regency. A wickedly sexy, romp!! Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More




[The Seductors series,Vol. 2]

{Erotica Romance}



When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission—to secure a secret nuclear power core—she’s thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she’s competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months. Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his. Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back?

  • Series: The Seductors Series
  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 2, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1499501005
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499501001

{Mature content, 18+ only, please}






the Author


B.L. Wilde

Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love
stories. Fully supported by her husband, she can often be found at her desk
working on her next project.

journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories
over three years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.




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Corrected cover! NATASHA BLACKTHORNE~ A MEASURED RISK~Spotlight with giveaway~ *Mature content, 18+*

*Mature content, 18+ only, please*

**On Sale .99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
June 13-15, 2014**

By Natasha Blackthorne

A Measured Risk@ 800-300 dpi high res

Book one in the Regency Risks Series

He is her most dangerous temptation, the only man she has ever trusted and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk?

Emotionally scarred in the horrific accident that took her husband’s life, Lady Cranfield is imprisoned by her lingering terror of horses and carriages. She longs to be closer to the fascinating Earl of Ruel, as she senses intuitively that he might be able to teach her how to overcome the terrors that hold her in bondage.

And now she’s willing to risk almost anything—her reputation, even her virtue—to find out.

But what Lord Ruel proposes startles her.
When the shy, studious and socially awkward young widow approaches him, Lord Ruel instantly senses she will be the sweetest, most submissive experience of his life—but first he must gain her complete trust. Lord Ruel makes Lady Cranfield a non-negotiable offer: His help in return for her submission and obedience.
But Lady Cranfield grew up neglected by her ducal parents, raised by servants and then later ignored by her handsome, charming husband. She’s learnt to protect her heart at all costs and she trusts no one but herself.
How can the jaded Earl of Ruel break through Lady Cranfield’s self-defences and show her how to love when he himself has spent his life avoiding that tender trap?


Erotica Romance ~ Light BDSM ~ Rubenesque / BBW ~ Regency Historical ~ Shy Heroine ~ Novel Length 86,000 Words . Contains graphic erotic descriptions and frank sexual language. As a work of historical romance fiction, A Measured Risk is not intended to be an accurate portrayal of modern BDSM lifestyles.

Purchase your copy!




About Natasha Blackthorne:

Escape into the past with intensely erotic, emotionally driven love stories. Natasha Blackthorne writes character-focused historical erotica romance featuring strong internal conflicts. Her stories are most frequently about the intimate journey of the characters as they learn to open their hearts to love.

Her heroines are not perfect ladies. They are wildflowers and wallflowers who enjoy flirting with the forbidden. Whether they are bold or shy, her heroines’ strong desires and deep emotions drive the plot and drive their heroes to the point of no return.


Natasha Blackthorne

*MUST be 18+ to enter*

Connect with me online:
Facebook | Website | Giveaway Blog |  Newsletter Blog

Twitter: @Nblackthorne

Her books are available at the following sites:


**Mature Content, 18+**

Excerpt from A Measured Risk
©Copyright Natasha Blackthorne 2012, 2013

She backed all the way into the bookcase.
“Why did you run away?” His deep voice settled in her belly, rich and warm, like crème brûlée on a cold winter’s night.
“Because I wanted you to follow.” She tried to sound sophisticated and seductive, but her voice choked off on the last word.
Ruel placed his hand on the shelf above her head and blocked her path to the door. His tall, solidly muscled body leaned over her, surrounding her with the sumptuous, sinful scents of tobacco, Scotch whisky and something masculine and undeniably dangerous. A slow, sensual smile stretched his hard mouth.
He appeared different. Softer. More approachable.
At the change, her insides seemed to flip over.
“Well, sweeting, getting us off alone was a very inspired idea.” He touched one of her fallen ringlets. “I am bored to distraction with endless talk of hunting and fencing.”
As he slowly wrapped the curl around two fingers, he brushed her collarbone. Fiery sparks tingled down her spine, so intense that she shivered. By some instinct she hadn’t even known she possessed, she arched her back, presenting herself for his assessment.
His eyes shone so vividly blue against his bronzed face that they resembled cornflowers. She swallowed tightly and wished for a long drink of claret. This more personal side of him suddenly seemed far more hazardous than his usually fierce exterior.
Well, no matter. There was nothing to fear. She would allow only as much contact as need be to get to know him a little. Since being torn from her lonely yet secure life in Ireland and thrust into Society at age sixteen, she’d spent her time allowing people only as near as was comfortable. She was an expert at emotional evasion.
It should be easy to regain her control.
But now, as rays of the late-afternoon sun played over his pale hair, turning it the colour of winter wheat, all her carefully rehearsed words flew from her mind.
Say something—anything—else he will think you’re a bird-wit.
An intimate smile, one that invited her to play, tugged at his mouth.
“In a situation like this, alone with a gentleman, it’s perfectly normal for a lady to feel some apprehension.” His hushed voice, barely audible above the piano and boisterous singing from down the corridor, accentuated their isolation. His gaze became so piercing that she had to lower her eyes.
He brushed his fingertips over her cheek. “She will invariably ask herself if he will try to kiss her.”
She jerked her eyes back to his face. God, he couldn’t mean to—not yet, surely… Peculiar, heated chills swept over her. She tried to take a step back, but found herself flush against the bookshelf.
He leaned closer; so close that his Scotch-scented breath tickled her face. “And just in case you are wondering, Lady Cranfield—the answer is most assuredly yes.”
She should demand that he put his arm down so she could pass by and leave. She really should. But she couldn’t stop looking at his hard mouth and wondering what it would feel like upon hers. He was so close to her that his breath blew on her lips. If she moved but a fraction, she’d be kissing him.
Kissing him.
Dear God. Her breaths began to come very fast and short. Her throat went tight with a suppressed moan.
His eyes burnt as brightly as aquamarines. He looked so fierce. If he kissed her, if he dared… Oh God, it would be so harsh. That cruel-looking mouth could express itself no other way.
Excitement rushed through her, sending tingles to every point of her body, even her toes.
But no, he wouldn’t. Not yet.
He kept leaning closer. He didn’t close his eyes. Instead, he seemed to focus all the harder upon her.
Her heart pounding, unable to move away, she braced herself for his assault.
His lips brushed hers, barely. A gossamer caress.
He lifted his head.
It was done.
And it hadn’t even begun.
He held her chin, appearing so cool, so unaffected. His kiss had seemed to sear her. An urge to put her fingers to her lips arose in her. She resisted it, for it would give away too much of how she was affected.
Never show your feelings.
He traced his thumb along her lower lip, slowly, deliberately, as he studied her with eyes that now glittered with something powerful and predatory.
She went weak all over, as if she’d lain in a sunny window seat for too long. Her knees almost buckled. She forced them to lock. To be strong.
It should not have affected her so profoundly. It had been just a peck—not a true kiss at all. William had poured out all of his skill upon her and hadn’t garnered even a tenth of the reaction in her that this man’s peck had.
Ruel traced her jaw line with his fingertips. Unthinkingly, she leaned in to his touch.
“Of course, once he has kissed her, then it’s his turn to wonder…” His voice sounded unnaturally loud in her ears. “How will she respond? Will she withdraw, or can he ignite some hidden fire?”
She sensed that he was toying with her. She didn’t understand flirtation—why had she imagined she could carry off this ruse? Was he making advances in order to have a laugh with Francesca and her simpering friends later? Hurt blossomed in her chest. She resented him for that. She ought to feel indignant, superior, uncaring—anything but hurt.
“Please don’t make sport of me.”
She cringed. Was that quavering, pleading voice really hers?
An infinitesimal pause. “Now, why on earth would I do such a thing?” His voice was as smooth as velvet.
“To please your vanity,” she replied, trying to regain her wits.
“Here.” He placed her hand to his chest. The contours of his muscles were hard, powerfully developed. Even more so than she’d expected. His body heat radiated through the satin and, beneath her hand, his heart’s beat was rapid and strong.
“Is that vanity?” He put a finger under her chin, giving her no choice but to face him. “Is it?” He gentled his grip.
The warmth in his voice settled over her like luscious hot chocolate. Melting her insides to quivering burgoo, rendering her speechless, unable to move.
“My dear, lovely Lady Cranfield, I am going kiss you again.”



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Congratulations on your newly re-release story of passion and romance!!



Out of Bounds

Please, welcome today’s guest, DAWN RYDER!

Welcome, Dawn!! *Smiling and waving*

A funny thing happened on the road to Publication…

mary wine

First and foremost, I learned to respect the art of writing.

There is a whole lot of wisdom encased in that opening line. When I first turned off my television and sat my tail down in front of a PC to begin writing my first book, I had on some mighty thick rose colored glasses. Sure, I’d been a reader for years and years but I had never actually tried to compose a well-paced book. Now there were things to consider like ‘plot arch’, ‘character development’, and making sure my reader wasn’t bored by ‘information dumping’. In short, it kicked my tail.

What kept me going was the vividness of my character. She was there, in full color in my mind. If I gave up on writing that book, I’d have to admit to needing therapy because I would be left with talking to the voices in my head. So, you see, writing was the only option. That book became ‘Dream Shadow’.

Dawn Ryder is my naughty inner child. She steps over lines, just because they are there. Writing Out of bounds was pure fun with a large dash of frustration. Under my other pen name, I write historical. So there is often a historical setting that helps me move the story along. In ‘Out of Bounds’, I needed to create everything. It was both fun and fighting.

If you are on that publication road, or on any sort of goal seeking journey…keep going. Quitters never win. I know that I’m glad authors like Sylvia Day wrote her ‘Crossfire’ series and believed enough in it to make sure it was published. Love those books!


Thank you, Dawn, for your story and for writing your story!

Excerpt- *Mature content, 18+,please*

“You’ll do nicely,” he announced, one pace in front of her.
He plucked the wineglass from her distracted fingers and handed it off.
“Excuse me?” she managed to thrust past her frozen lips.
“Sabra Donovan, analyst, master’s in bio fuels. Correct?”
It sounded as if he only added the last word as a courtesy. There was certainly nothing questioning in his sharp gaze. He knew exactly what he wanted and intended to get it. The pure abundance of confidence was mesmerizing.
“I think you have me at a disadvantage,” she muttered.
Pleasure flashed in his eyes. His lips twitched up just a tiny fraction, almost too faint to measure, but she saw it. In fact, she was sure he wanted her to notice. He wasn’t the sort who apologized for anything.
Arrogant too.
He was—and completely unashamed of it.
“I’m your boss.”
She stepped back, something inside of her recoiling. The hot curl of excitement was lingering in her clit, so she wasn’t really sure what it was she objected to, only that complete submission was out of the question. It wasn’t a conscious thought, but something she felt on a very personal level.
His eyes narrowed, somehow becoming more sensuous, more determined.
“Excuse me,” he offered softly. “Tarak Nektosha, your employer.”
She was a complete idiot. He wasn’t Japanese; he was Apache. Lawless, savage, and exactly like the line of vehicles his company produced.
“I require someone to help me cut the ribbon,” he clarified.
“Oh…” She glanced back at the waiting table. The press was positioned near it, their hands on their cameras, more than one was casting an impatient look toward Tarak. “Sure.”
As far as a professional response went, it lacked a lot. But saying “yes, sir” just seemed too submissive. A large part of her flatly rebelled. It was a system-wide rejection, one she was sure she hadn’t experienced before in her life. No man had ever unleashed such a bundle of emotions inside her.
Or so much heat.
Get a grip, girl…
And fast too. It was her frickin’ boss.
He caught her hand. The contact was jarring. She flinched, pulling free. His lips curled, just a tiny amount, flashing his teeth at her before he reached out and renewed his grasp on her hand. His gaze settled on her lips for a moment, causing her breath to catch.
“They are ready for you, Mr. Nektosha,” one of the dark-suited bodyguards informed him quietly.
“Of course.”
He stepped forward, settling her hand on his arm. His shoulder rose above her own as he swept her toward the table. She felt petite and scoffed at her own foolishness.
She was wearing a garter belt for Christ’s sake.
But you’re trembling like a virgin.
“Smile at them…” he leaned down and whispered. “And at me.”
He kept a firm hand on top of hers as he guided her toward the tables. The distance seemed to triple as the camera lenses were pointed at her. The flashes popped, blinding her to everything but her escort. Everyone beyond them was just a shape in the shadows.
Tarak was right at home. He strode down the path, nodding at those waiting to see his performance. The quartet played a fanfare as they arrived at the velvet ribbon. He eased her into place, the position of his hand perfect. He just seemed to know how to touch her. One hand cupping her hip and slipping across her lower back to gently push her in front of him. Once he was behind her, she shivered as his size dwarfed her. He caught her hip once more, his fingers spreading out over her belly and securing her in place. The breeze coming off the ocean was cool, but she could feel his body heat against her back. She was still caught in the hold of arousal. Her c**t was throbbing and whining for attention.
Her timing couldn’t have been worse.




Author Bio: Dawn Ryder is the erotic romance pen name of a bestselling author of historical romances. She has been publishing her stories for over 8 years to a growing and appreciative audience. She is commercially published in mass market and trade paper, and digi-first published with trade paper releases. She is hugely committed to her career as an author, as well as to other authors and to her readership. She resides in Southern California.

-Author website:



Sourcebooks Casablanca (June 3, 2014)

Out of Bounds

ISBN-13: 9781402287121 ♦ ISBN-10: 1402287127

*From the author’s website*

Power may be best when it’s shared…

He’s used to dominating…

Tarak Nektosha is a self-made man, against all odds. He accomplished that by making sure he’s the one in charge, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

She’s taking her power back…

Sabra Donovan has ambition to spare and energy to burn. So what if her last lover was a disappointment? She’s never going to be anyone’s plaything ever again.

Sabra’s outstanding performance at a corporate photo op attracts Tarak’s attention, and the lines begin to blur. What happens when the one on top surrenders and the one used to obeying begins to call the shots?


-Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Books A Million | IndieBound | Indigo





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Thanks, to Becca at Sourcebooks, we are offering 1 lucky commenter a chance to win a print copy of OUT OF BOUNDS by Dawn Ryder. Sorry, open to US and/or Canadian residents. No P.O. Boxes, please.

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Giveaway will run from June 9 until June 13, 2014!





Please help us welcome Isobel Rey to MBA&M, as today’s guest of the day!

Welcome, Isobel!! (hands waving)

MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Isobel Rey? For those of us who do not know you as a writer?

ISOBEL: Well this is my first novel and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be published and to find out well received my first book is. I work in advertising in London. It’s an incredible job and I’m very lucky to be working in this world as two days are never the same. I meet all kinds of people from a huge variety of blue chip companies in all kinds of industries.
London is a very exciting city to live in and there’s a real vibe to the city and the people who live here. The people I meet are at the top of their game in whatever industry they are in and that brings a huge frisson to every meeting , when you realise that they are very demanding, but they have a right to be! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, to remind myself where I am.
A few people have asked me what made me choose this genre of fiction. In truth it was a bit of an accident. I was out with a friend one evening and she introduced to a publisher friend of hers. The three of us ended up having dinner and a lot of wine. I was talking about some of the crazy worlds that I get a window into from my job, and all the politics and sexual tension that go with them. The publisher asked me to tell her some stories of things I’d heard or seen. We’d had a lot of wine, so the stories came tumbling out! There’s a scene in my novel involving a one way mirror, many people have asked me how I made that up, and they’re shocked when I explain that I didn’t! That story was told to me by someone who was there.
I told the publisher how hard it can be for women to navigate this world when they are looking for love as there are so many ambitious and ruthless men out there who don’t want to get tied down.
So the publisher encouraged me to try my hand at writing a novel as I already had experience of writing advertising copy. So I sat down and put together a plot and characters, taken from people and situations I’d observed. I wrote three sample chapters and sent them to her, she sent them to her editor and two weeks later they offered me a publishing contract!

MBA&M: What made you wish to write a tale of an abusive boyfriend and the courage it takes for an abusive mate to leave that situation?

ISOBEL: I have been in this situation as have many of my friends and I think it’s much more common than women realize. When you are with a man who grinds down your confidence it happens slowly, like a drip, drip effect, eroding your personality and making you turn in on yourself. It may not be physical abuse but it creeps in, and you become diminished and cowed before you realize what’s happened. It makes a woman very wary of other men, and wary of her own desires and emotions. I wanted to show how hard it is for a woman like Alexia to find herself again when she’s thrown out of the frying pan into a roaring fire.

MBA&M: Why a Sports Agency setting?

ISOBEL: It’s a very glamorous world, with multi-million pound contracts at stake involving sports stars with egos bigger than their salaries. It’s a hugely exciting world but it’s full of sharks, and looking for love in this setting is always going to be tricky. I have seen many Alexias in similar companies, beautiful girls seen as a challenge by the womanizers. I wanted to show how hard it is to stay true to yourself when temptation is all around you.

MBA&M: If you could meet anyone in the Sports arena, who would it be and why?

ISOBEL: I have to say I would love to meet David Ginola. He’s a retired French Premiere League Soccer player and he would give George Clooney a run for his money in the ‘Sexiest man in the world’ competition!

MBA&M: Was your writing influenced by the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY storyline? If so why?

ISOBEL: Well I must be the only woman in the Western world who hasn’t read it! And that was deliberate as I thought it might influence what I was about to try and write. My publisher gave me some titles that she had published in this genre and encouraged me to read a variety of authors so I could get a feel for what works in this genre without losing my own writer’s voice.

Thank you, Isobel, for taking a few moments of your time to spend with us and our readers today!




She’s driven by his desire…

It took all of Alexia’s courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and strike out on her own. When she lands a job at a glamorous sports agency, she thinks she finally has it made. But shy, blonde and beautiful, Alexia is totally unprepared for the fast sexual politics of rich men and ambitious women that is waiting for her. Most of all, she is totally unprepared for her dazzling but damaged new boss, Nathan Fallon.

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She’s driven by his desire…

It took all of Alexia’s courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and strike out on her own. When she lands a job at a glamorous sports agency, she thinks she finally has it made. But shy, blonde and beautiful, Alexia is totally unprepared for the fast sexual politics of rich men and ambitious women that is waiting for her. Most of all, she is totally unprepared for her dazzling but damaged new boss, Nathan Fallon.

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She’s driven by his desire…

It took all of Alexia’s courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and strike out on her own. When she lands a job at a glamorous sports agency, she thinks she finally has it made. But shy, blonde and beautiful, Alexia is totally unprepared for the fast sexual politics of rich men and ambitious women that is waiting for her. Most of all, she is totally unprepared for her dazzling but damaged new boss, Nathan Fallon.

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Book Description

June 3, 2014

She’s driven by his desire…

It took all of Alexia’s courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and strike out on her own. When she lands a job at a glamorous sports agency, she thinks she finally has it made. But shy, blonde and beautiful, Alexia is totally unprepared for the fast sexual politics of rich men and ambitious women that is waiting for her. Most of all, she is totally unprepared for her dazzling but damaged new boss, Nathan Fallon.

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What readers are saying:


“Brilliant. Couldn’t put it down.”


“If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, you will enjoy this!”


“All the fun AND a good story.”



Author Bio: Isobel Rey is a Cambridge graduate. After interning at a stage/film talent agency, Isobel now works at a London advertising agency. This is her debut novel. Originally from Surrey, Isobel lives in London with her partner and a one-eared rescue cat called Thumper.




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His Mistress Blog Tour BannerGenre: Historical Erotica

*Mature content, 18+ only please*

As a solicitor seeking justice for victims of violence, Tobias Lynsted must maintain control at all times while working in the seedy underworld of London’s East End. The darkness of his world creates a need for the intimacy and release he can only find in the forbidden pleasure of submission. The kind of pleasure where a powerful man has the freedom to let go of his control for a few sweet moments of oblivion. But when a blackmail scheme forces him to marry, the last thing he expects in a wife is a woman who will satisfy the darker side of his nature.Lady Jane Grisham has no desire to marry, but choosing marriage over a life of destitution is an easy choice to make. Although Jane knows love is for the foolish, Tobias awakens her most wicked and darkest of desires. In the sinful world of domination and submission, Jane uses her blossoming skills to make Tobias surrender not only his body but his secrets. But she quickly discovers that the true test of her strength is trusting Tobias with her heart.Goodreads Link:

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Monica Burns bio picAbout the Author



A bestselling author of spicy historical and paranormal romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. Her historical book awards include the 2011 RT BookReviews Reviewers Choice Award and the 2012 Gayle Wilson Heart of Excellence Award for Pleasure Me. She is also the recipient of the prestigious paranormal romance award, the 2011 PRISM Best of the Best award for Assassin’s Heart. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.



You can find Monica here: 



TWITTER: @MonicaBurns




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L. Marie Adeline

{Erotica Contemporary Romance}


The S.E.C.R.E.T. trilogy ends!

SECRET Revealed: A SECRET Novel

A hot new erotica series for readers of 50 Shades and Sylvia Day

In S∙E∙C∙R∙E∙T there are…
No judgments. No limits. No shame.

Cassie Robichaud’s life has been filled with regret and loneliness since the death of her husband. She waits tables at the run-down Café Rose in New Orleans, and every night she heads home to her cat and solitary one-bedroom apartment. But when she discovers a notebook left behind by a mysterious woman at the café, Cassie’s world is forever changed. The notebook’s stunningly explicit confessions shock and fascinate Cassie, and eventually lead her to S∙E∙C∙R∙E∙T, an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, most intimate sexual fantasies. Cassie soon immerses herself in an electrifying ten-step journey through a series of rapturous fantasies with gorgeous men who awaken and satisfy her like never before. As she is set free from her inhibitions, she discovers a new confidence that transforms her, giving her the courage to live passionately. Equal parts enticing, liberating, and emotionally powerful, S∙E∙C∙R∙E∙T is a world where erotic fantasy becomes reality.

  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Broadway Books (February 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9780385346436
  • ISBN-13: 978-0385346436
  • ASIN: 0385346433

On sale May 6, 2014


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About the author:


L. Marie Adeline is a pseudonym for the bestselling author Lisa Gabriele. S.E.C.R.E.T., her first novel in this erotica series, was a #1 international bestseller. For more information on the S.E.C.R.E.T. series, visit and

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Twitter: @lmarieadeline



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The Manor, the very place where their passionate love affair began, fills with guests on what should be the happiest day of Ava and Jesse’s lives. She has accepted that she’ll never tame the fierceness in Jesse-and she doesn’t want to. Their love is profound, their connection powerful, but just when she thinks that she’s finally gotten beneath his guarded exterior, more questions arise, leading Ava to believe that Jesse Ward may not be the man she thinks he is. He knows too well how to take her to a place beyond ecstasy . . . but will he also drive her to the brink of despair? It’s time for this man to confess.

  • Series:  This Man Trilogy Series
  • Paperback: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (January 21, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455578363
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455578368






About the Author

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, UK, where she lives with her family. Working for the family construction business fulltime and with the prospect of taking it over once her father retired, she tried to ignore the lingering idea of writing a novel until it became impossible. She finally found the time and courage to release her creative streak and in October 2012 self-published This Man as an e-book. She took a chance on a story with some intense characters, notably Mr. Jesse Ward, the Lord of the Manor, and sparked incredible reactions from women all over the world. Two months later, Jodi made the decision to give up her day job to concentrate on her new and very unexpected career in writing.



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