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So without further ado, welcome Jennifer!


MBA&M: Jennifer,welcome to My Book Addiction and More and please those readers who may not know you yet,a little about Jennifer Haymore?


JENNIFER: I am a mom of three who lives in California, and I have always loved to both read and write. I write Regency Romance books loaded with action, emotion, and heat.


MBA&M: “The Duchess Hunt” is the beginning of a new and exciting series “The House of Trent”, how many books will be in this series?


JENNIFER: There are three books in the series:

The Duchess Hunt – June 25, 2013

The Rogue’s Proposal – November 26, 2013

The Scoundrel’s Seduction – May, 2014


There are also three standalone erotic novellas “written” by Lady Esme, who is the youngest sibling in the House of Trent and the only sister. She is always secretly scribbling away in her notebook, and now she’s sharing her stories with the world under the “Jennifer Haymore” pseudonym! These are standalone novellas, so they don’t share characters with the House of Trent Series. They are:


The Devil’s Pearl – May 7, 2013

His For Christmas – October 1, 2013

Untitled Novella #3 – April, 2014



MBA&M: For those of us who adored your “The Donovan Sisters” and “The James” series, how will “The House of Trent” differ?


JENNIFER: The House of Trent is a family series like the James series and the Donovan Sisters, and contains similar themes about family and acceptance. The House of Trent series, however, contains three books that revolve around one mystery—the mystery of the missing dowager duchess.


The three novels in the House of Trent also tell the stories of three very strong brothers: the serious duke, Simon; the rogue, Luke; and the strong, silent one, Sam. I love these heroes—they’re my favorite heroes out of all my books!


MBA&M:  “The House of Trent” is about Simon Hawkins, duke of the duchess hunt 2Trent and Sarah Osborne, can you tell our readers a little about them?


JENNIFER: Simon, the Duke of Trent, and Sarah Osborne are the hero and heroine of The Duchess Hunt. Simon is a man who’s been weighted down by his responsibility. He’s spent years trying to rebuild the reputation of his family. He’s known far and wide as an honorable, respectable man. Because of this, and because he’s a hot, wealthy duke to boot, women throw themselves at him constantly!


Sarah Osborne was raised in Ironwood Park, the duke’s main estate. As a child, she was brought into the house by the eccentric dowager duchess, who treated her nearly as affectionately as she treated her own children. Sarah loves Ironwood Park and now works as the head housemaid there.


Sarah has loved Simon afar from childhood, and they have always been friends. Yet Simon has hardly looked at her since they shared a passionate kiss a few years ago. Now, though, Simon’s mother, the dowager duchess, is missing, and Simon, Sarah, and the rest of his family must band together to find her. Simon doesn’t want to hurt Sarah or take advantage of her…but some forces of attraction are so strong, they can’t be denied.



MBA&M: What was your favorite scene to write and why?


JENNIFER: I loved writing the scene where Sarah goes to Gretna Green to get married…and not to Simon!



MBA&M: Ok, inquiring minds want to know….”The House of Trent” is going to be made into a TV series, who do you envision as the actors?


JENNIFER: I always imagine a young Rob Lowe as Simon and Zooey Deschanel as Sarah.


MBA&M: Now, let’s talk about secondary characters, who was your favorite, and will they have their own book soon?


JENNIFER: My favorite secondary character is definitely Simon’s younger brother, Lord Luke, who shows up in THE DUCHESS HUNT passed out drunk on Simon’s doorstep. He’s a bad boy to the core, and the next book in the series, THE ROGUE’S PROPOSAL, is his!


the duchess hunt 2MBA&M: Please tell how readers where they may connect with you and where to purchase “The Duchess hunt”?


JENNIFER: Website: http://www.jenniferhaymore.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jenniferhaymore-author

Twitter: @jenniferhaymore


You can find The Duchess Hunt in the US wherever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.


Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/c2p74nm

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/dxtw4xh

BAM!: http://www.booksamillion.com/product/9781455523399


Jennifer, do you have anything else you would wish to add?


Thanks so much for having me!

You are always a welcome guest. We just love your stories! Keep them coming.

Thank you so much for spending time with us and our readers today!



Jennifer Haymore grew up in California and on the Big Island of Hawaii. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in Education from UCLA. Before she became a full-time writer she held various jobs from bookselling to teaching inner-city children to playing bit roles in soap operas.

You can find Jennifer in Southern California trying to talk her husband into yet another trip to England, helping her three children with homework while brainstorming a new five-minute dinner menu, or crouched in a corner of the local bookstore writing her next novel.

For more information visit her website at: http://www.jenniferhaymore.com/


the duchess hunt 2


Grand Central Publishing ♦ June 25, 2013
ISBN-10: 1455523399 ♦ ISBN-13: 9781455523399
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Simon Hawkins, duke of Trent, is no stranger to scandal. Rumors and innuendo have darkened the House of Trent for decades, and it has fallen to Simon to restore his tattered family name. He lives by a strict code of honor, but when he is called home to investigate his mother’s disappearance, the distinguished duke will tangle with temptation. For there waits the only woman he has ever loved-and the last woman he should desire . . .

Sarah Osborne has spent her life dreaming of Simon’s touch. But dukes do not long for lady’s maids—or so Sarah believes, until a stolen kiss sparks a passion that could be her ultimate undoing. As the couple begins a forbidden romance, a cunning enemy plots to destroy the duke and everything he loves. Now, caught in a blackmailer’s web, Simon faces an agonizing choice: sacrifice his family’s future or break Sarah’s heart.


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